Open Book Blog Hop (7 December 2020)

In her Open Book Blog Hop, Stevie asks:

If you had unlimited money to start and maintain a business, what would it be?

Okay, keyword here is “unlimited”. So, you’re not bothered about making a profit. Profit and loss are immaterial.

So, how about a business where you build homes, then give them to homeless people?

Or, maybe, growing food, so you could give it to people who would otherwise resort to food banks?

Take money out of the equation, and there’s no end to the good that could be done.

Of course, there is no real concept of “unlimited”, but perhaps we might ask ourselves what role our governments should play here, in helping to solve these problems. After all, you wouldn’t think that a country full of needy citizens has much of a government, would you? Isn’t that what a government is for? It’s raison d’être?

Or, you might ask whether we shouldn’t think twice before buying that shiny new aircraft carrier, when at the same time, people are having to use food banks? For defence? Defence of what? Lines of hungry people? Anyone else spot the irony here?

Originally tagged: Open Book


    • I think sorting funding out in the US is the key to solving a few of the US’s problems – let representatives vote for what they believe, rather than voting for what their sponsors believe.
      We nominally have rules here, but I think they are easy enough to get around. Like anything, if you’re smart enough…


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