The Man in the Paper Mask

Prompt image for the Fandango's Provocative Question prompt

For today’s Provocative Question, Fandango asks:

Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?

I should start by saying, “yes, my name is Mister Bump”, and wouldn’t that be an entertaining post? No, if you hadn’t guessed, I blog anonymously, for specific reasons. I quite frequently trot these out so I should be able to be quick.

First of all, anonymous means name, address, and DoB. Things that would lead somebody to me. I think it’s useful to give out some context, so I have mentioned all of these, but pretty vaguely.

So, reasons for blogging anonymously are:

  • to protect my identity. I’m not comfortable with somebody turning up on my doorstep. “That’d be too creepy”, you say? I bet anybody who ever got stalked thought that, too.
  • to protect my family. Same thing, only more. Anybody who worked me out could work out who my family were. Creepy? See (1).
  • I thought, when I started the blog, that it would put certain subjects off the table. I wouldn’t want my wife reading about my morning exploits with the neighbour, say. As it happens, the neighbour prefers the post lady instead!

Seriously, when I started, I thought there might be personal things I might talk about on the blog, and be uncomfortable with my friends/family finding out. That hasn’t happened. Sadly, I am an open book. I talked about the shit with my daughter once, but that has been said to her face, anyway. No secrets. I self-censor.

  • The last thing, not personal, but releasing your identity is like getting a tattoo – once it’s out there, it’s out there for ever. There’s no going back. With anonymity, at least you have the flexibility to change your mind later.

Longer than I’d hoped.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

32 thoughts on “The Man in the Paper Mask”

  1. I started out that way too, no name and no photo and very little information about me, I don’t know why I slipped out of that mode, I may regret it someday.

    It doesn’t bother me if someone hides their identity although I know it bothers some, I cannot understand why.

    Perhaps they should stop being naive, none of us know for sure who anyone really is, people often have several e-mail addresses, as have I. Photos and names are easy to fake.

    My name is real as is my photo, I look younger than my age, as did my parents, obviously I have good genes! They weren’t as conceited as me!
    Not only that but the iPhone does a marvelous job of selfies and smooths out lines without any help from me.. if I get the right light!
    If I looked my age I doubt I would show my photo.

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    1. I must admit I will often volunteer my first name, very occasionally my full name, just because it seems friendlier. I’ve never met anybody who said that they thought I should reveal my identity, although they might think that, of course. I don’t think I have any photos post-stroke – it is quite sad I think that I was once an XS and am now so much bulked out. Some of my old photos of me cycling are quite sad to see now. Bill (Ben?) was a safe bet.

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      1. I’m bulked put since lockdown began if that’s the right phrase got me,
        Actually, last year someone wrote a blog about the same subject as fandango, in fact he was involved in some of the comments. Several people said they wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone who was hiding their identity, a number of women agreed with her. Fandango said this was his choice and right to choose etc. Naturally I jumped in and added my two penny worth similar lines as I said earlier but I don’t think anyone replied to me. I cannot think why 😂

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        1. Would you like to get really jealous? My wife has lost about 20kg (kg!!!) since lockdown. She has always yo-yo’d so it will be interesting to see if she keeps it off.
          I am about the same, what I eat is governed by my blood sugar so I haven’t really eaten any more than before. I have been quite sedentary although I’m quite sedentary after the stroke anyway. That’s how I’ve put the weight on.

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          1. Well done to your wife I bet she feels so proud, that’s over three stones, wow, I would feel so pleased with that.

            Since lockdown I’m more sedentary too. Also I used to drink only at the weekends, but now it’s every other night. The ‘other’ night is when I feel guilty so have a night off! I don’t eat any more than I used to but I don’t eat as healthily.

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            1. I find I avoid alcohol – when I’m watching my blood, they are mostly just sugary drinks. So I suppose in that way, I am lucky. It is ironic because I used to collect wine, I have a garage full of grands crus, but I only chip into it a few times each year.

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  2. You can get a tattoo removed, you know. But it’s painful, costly and why get the danged thing to start with, if you’re only going to spend more money getting rid of it? I don’t see any problem with being reserved on social media and not sharing personal information. There are as many ugly folks out there as there are nice ones. It’s hard to tell who is who either, because any of them could be great liars…

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  3. These are all great reasons for blogging anonymously. I never even considered blogging anonymously, honestly, and now that I’ve been using diaries, blogs and social media for over 18 years, I cannot quite go hide my identity.

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    1. No I was thinking about that, for somebody to hide their identity they would basically need to start over. On Facebook, my account is my real name, except I don’t use it any more. But that is full of contacts to “real” people.

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  4. I had a previous blog that had bits and pieces of the real me and a man sent me a picture of my house from Google Earth. I moved shortly thereafter. I like to write about naughty things and that often makes gentlemen think they can be raunchy with me. I do have plenty of articles where I have dabbled in boudoir photography. My butt and boobs are on the internet, but my face isn’t. It makes me braver I suppose. I think it’s healthy to maintain an identity outside of one’s spouse. I’ve been married twenty years. It’s nice to have a place that is just me and not “us.” I understand your stance. A secret identity is fun and somewhat necessary.

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    1. It somehow doesn’t surprise me that people make assumptions, cross barriers. With my daughter, she always had trouble figuring out where the barriers were. I mean, she would behave inappropriately in all sorts of situations, and it is only with hindsight that I understand the problem.
      That Google photo is downright scary. I think something like that would make me shutdown and think twice before starting over, although in your case, I’m glad you kept going!
      When I saw your name I just assumed it was some kind of play of cats’n’dogs, weak’n’strong. Bringing cats into it can’t be bad, we (wife and I) have two and serve them dearly 🤣 I post about them sometimes and use their real names, at least – they don’t object, but the humans might.

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