Fandango’s Provocative Question (7 October 2020)

I could set my clock by Fandango’s Provocative Question (actually, I probably could, although I never tried). But Wednesay’s mean just one thing. Today, Fandango asks:

How do you feel of blog awards? Why do you feel that way?

I don’t take part in awards. I think the question highlights the pyramid-nature, and that’s certainly one aspect of them that I don’t like.

Another thing is that awards are mainly Q & A. I don’t mind revealing bits of myself, but I want it to be on my terms, when I choose to do so. I did a series of posts where I revealed a lot about my likes, dislikes, beliefs, and I’m far more inclined to do that kind of thing than answer a question “what colour socks do you wear?”

One thing I did notice recently. It was on a few blogs so, if you think I’m talking about you, I’m not 🤣. Respondents of an award will be entered into a draw at the end of the year to win an “award of awards” award. What is all that about? Have people been nominated out of flattery, or to entice them into a lucky dip?

I’ve sometimes used one post to answer two prompts before, but I can’t remember writing two posts to answer one prompt, though this award leaves me a bit dumbfounded (which happened to be Fandango’s FOWC today).


  1. Don’t know terribly much about “awards” but it strikes me the awardee ends up doing a lot of extra loop-jumping to meet post-award criteria. No, thanks. To take nothing from award -winners but it seems a bit of lah-dee-dah. This is a writing (thinking?) place with a slosh of entertainment tossed into the mix. Um, not a popularity contest which smacks of lacking genuine value. While we’re at it, challenges are okay as are “today’s subject is” prompts, and “today is the first WedTuesday of the month, so” celebrations, but if you need a push, take a day off and contemplate your navel, a marvelous source of inspiration. Sorry to pee on any parades, but you did “prompt.”

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    • I quite like some prompts, just so long as I am allowed to choose. There are several prompts I have taken part in just once or twice, because the questions only occasionally tempt me.
      The other thing, if I take part in a prompt, I like to read other responses, too. I think I should. But that’s an hour or more straight away, and time is a factor.

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  2. I don’t mind the Q&A part of the award nominations. I always answer them in a mostly tongue-in-cheek manner more to entertain than inform. But it’s the rest of the “rules” that I find onerous. That’s why I’ve declared my blog to be award-free. And yet I still get nominated.

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    • I think I was nominated for 4, all of which I declined with a courteous comment. All bar 1 took it well, the last stopped following me shortly afterwards. But she was quite religious, could have been I said something that upset her.

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  3. Hmm, I have not seen the end of the year draw or whatever, but if it is a drawing is is really picking a blog for recognition? I think that would have to be done by a group and choosing between blogs separated by genres. I also think as you have mentions it would not depend on Q&A’s. But hey that just my 2¢.

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  4. I agree. They might help new bloggers to join/build a community but I dislike chain letters, very teenage and yet adults still partake, I politely thank and refuse. I also have a sign, but sometimes it doesn’t get noticed.

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    • What would be interesting is whether such an aware does cause people to go read the blog. I’m not sure it does. In fact, anybody creating an award should ask guture participants to ping back to the original post, just so that there is a single resource listing “winners”.

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      • Now that is an excellent idea!
        Your comment reminds me of an incident a few months ago I had a go at another blogger who copied part of other people’s challenges to her blog. Called it a reblog, made a small reference to the original site and invited people to take part. She then received pingbacks! I was livid but she insisted she was just reblogging. Which she obviously wasn’t. She’s still doing it too! Though no longer touches ours I don’t think.

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