Who Won the Week (4 October 2020)

I always liked Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, and like to join in with some quirky stories from my own newsfeeds. All from our unique vantage points, the idea is to pick something (a person, organisation, anything) which “won” the week.

Without a shadow of a doubt, my winner this week is Billy the Parrot. Well, actually, there is some doubt. It could equally have been Eric the Parrot, Tyson the Parrot, Jade the Parrot or Elsie the Parrot. Do you maybe spot the theme yet?

These five African Grey parrots were introduced into a 200-strong colony at Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre only in August, but have had to be split from the main group already because each of the five swears like a trooper! With five birds together, all they did was egg each other on!

“We are quite used to parrots swearing but we’ve never had five at the same time”, said Steve Nichols, the CEO of the centre. “Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason these five relish it.” While there weren’t actually any complaints against the parrots – people generally thought it was hilarious when parrots told then to fuck off – the keepers decided to split the birds, to try to stop them “setting each other off” and to avoid upsetting younger visitors.

Maybe just what we need this year?



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