Viewing Habits

I think I’m going to have to stop watching what was my favourite news programme.

I started watching the show tonight, as normal, and the main stories are virus-related. The focus tonight was on universities – in the UK they are just about to start up again, several of them are able to implement their own testing (they have their own labs, after all), and several of them have already detected virus outbreaks. Some universities are implementing a “no going out” policy, else they will kick you out. I’m not sure how that would work because universities have no jurisdiction over day-to-day life.

Anyway, a UK tradition is Freshers’ Week. Basically, a week of socialising for new students. Every university has one. When I was at mine, I was not sober for a week.

This year, of course, this is all curtailed.

And they interview a new student. “It’s not fair”, she complains, “we don’t get a Freshers’ Week like they did in other years”.

And I’m sitting here, just thinking: “Fair? For fuck’s sake, it’s not fair that people out there are dying because of this, let alone you being unable to have a piss-up”.

So, my BP goes up a notch.

A few minutes later, they talk to some other students, about this out-of-bounds rule. The two students are studying for Master’s degrees, rather than standard degrees. So, they’re not sure whether the rule applies to them.

Another FFS moment, I’m afraid. They clearly have no idea that these rules are put in place to discourage people from meeting other people. Of course you’re fucking included!

I don’t need to be watching these idiots. What’s on the other side?


  1. FFS! Forgot FFS! Pardon. Good write, man, good write. I’m gonna get smacked about the ears but I’m going to ask anyway. So, unh, the Uni kids in Great Britain are as clueless as those here in the US(of)A? Flunked logic, flunked reading, flunked civics? Who dresses these children? They all wear slip-on loafers? Like the &^(&^ kids on spring break in the US(of)A pouting as how they were deprived of their “rights.” Time for universal draft without regard to gender -give the kiddies a chance to grow up. Maybe learn to read and think.

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    • Yes, our kids are the same, and every year they get better and better exam results, and you wonder.
      But I don’t think the draft is the answer. The UK had National Service (Draft) from WW2 until 1960. So anybody who went through that must be, what, 80+? There are plenty of sensible people under that age. Me, for one!


      • In have to disagree. There is a period of (boot) training where “individuality” is broken. But when armed service members are posted into the “real” army, navy, air force or what have you, they learn not only to think but to do so analytically especially as they are then not herded from place to place playing soldier, but expected to contribute to completion of mission goals, be that support -maintenance, etc. Additionally, youth is forced to take time to see who they are, what is of value to them and what life means. I did. Almost without exception those I knew, those I know now much younger than I – feel the same way.

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    • Yes, agree 100%. We have had demos here too, now. The government have imposed new restrictions and people the other night could not seem to comprehend that they will be in place for as long as necessary. They want an actual date, like October 1 or something, and it shows to me a lack of understanding of how this works.
      I wouldn’t mind but BoJo, by his very nature, is a libertarian. His gut feel is that we go out and do whatever we want. Even he realises that restrictions make sense.

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  2. Sometimes I wonder if we actually do need another WW. All these anti-maskers, people who have forgotten how to read, TERFs…I just think to myself, if there was an actual war, maybe…just MAYBE, they’d remember what it is to be human?

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