I was just gonna comment on this post but I thought it was worth sharing instead.

Do any of us really give a stuff about “growing our brand”?

By the way, if you do consider buying your own domain name, WordPress are bloody expensive. There are a zillion other internet companies who provide exactly the same service. You have to do a tiny bit of tweaking yourself, but they are much cheaper.

Can anyone tell me what this means? I don’t get it.

Hi there,

If you’re in search of ideas for growing your brand and driving more traffic to your site, I’m here today with a tip that has helped hundreds of thousands of site owners do just that.

You see, your site address (we call it a “domain name”) is the first thing visitors notice about your brand. And right now, your website address is That’s perfectly fine if you’re building this site for fun.

But if you’re building something more than a hobby site, I encourage you to claim a site address that doesn’t include “”. Here are a few options we would suggest for your site:
With one of these addresses, you can make a more unique, lasting impression on your visitors and possibly rank higher in search results.

And the best thing is…

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    • I didn’t get one either, but there again I already bought a domain name (from someone else). It does kinda make you realise that they just want to sell more stuff to us. Tecently when I open the WP console I have seen adverts regarding whether I want to optinise my site for search engines. Which, bu the way, is a more expensive subscription.

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      • Have they gone mad?! Imagine all the comments you need to read and answer with more traffic. 😅
        No I don’t see a reason to upgrade or to throw money where it isn’t needed.
        I guess if they would really make it worthwile (with many more features), I would pay. But I won’t pay to get the old editor back. Would you?

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        • I wouldn’t, I actually like the new editor. It’s helpful that it is the only one I wever used, so I didn’t feel that anyone was pulling the rug away. I did think there might be an opportunity for somebody to come up with a “classic editor” just as a way into WordPress. But I don’t think WP supports this and having already baid for WP (most of ’em) I guess people would object to paying for something else as well.

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  1. Here is something bizarre….
    When I started my current NHS role, we had lots of training including a module on our use of social media. In addition to the reminder that nothing confidential should be published in the public domain, there was also section “educating” us about determining on how we want to brand ourselves. I had no idea anyone put so much thought into what they posted or tweeted etc, but the training basically said to decide what you want “the public” to think of you and conform all your social media activity to that image, that branding.
    I thought it was very odd to be receiving that training at the time (partly because I don’t do any social media other than my WordPress blog) but it did make me think.

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    • That seems odd, just in terms of the NHS being a public body, but not at all strange in the general case. If I ran a co (I did until 5 years ago) I’d want to be very careful about the image I projected. I had a largely static web site, own domain name etc. WP would have given good results but not at their prices.
      But since I am now just a private individual, I care more about the social aspect than traffic. I’m happy with my audience already.

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  2. Well, I have heard brand mentioned several times. However, since I write about what I want to write about, do prompts and such from different bloggers, and post my cards and crafts I’m not sure I have a brand that needs building.

    I do care about getting more like minded bloggers as followers who likes what I post. Not sure that is the same thing.

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  3. I get that same b.s. email about twice a month, and sometimes more often if someone is feeling froggy about spamming it about. It gets marked “spam” and dumped in my spam garbage pile. I replied once (because I was feeling froggy) and asked them what the hell brand they thought I had, because I didn’t have one, not being a business blog. Radio silence was the answer – typical. WordPress has some real dim wits “behind the scenes’ in my opinion.

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