I’ve posted before on how I love the “international” nature of WordPress. This morning, in my reader, I saw a post from an Italian blogger I follow.

I don’t have Italian. A couple of French blogs, I can wing it – I’ll listen to the post and maybe pick up on 2/3 of it. I’ll miss the nuances but I will catch the overall drift. But Italian – I’m straight off to Google. It’s true that I now recognise a few words of Italian, purely courtesy of these bloggers, but certainly not enough to make sense of things.

This morning was a bit of a merry dance. My Italian friend, there was a tiny amount of text there, but all they were really doing was sharing another post. This post was in Spanish, although I caught references inside the post to the Middle East.

Let’s put to one side that some people are cheerfully speaking four or five different languages, while many of us struggle with just one. Suffice it to say that I am perpetually reminded of my own laziness when I read these posts.

Anyway, the dance was ultimately very rewarding. This post appeared to be by a Muslim feminist.

Think about that for a moment – it is not an oxymoron, despite what our media likes to tell us.

One of the things I pick up from our media is that Islam treats women as second-class citizens. While there seems to be an element of that, there are nevertheless Muslims out there who are just as outraged by this as I am.

I just find it encouraging that we take down the language barriers, we take down the religious barriers, and so many of us, worldwide, share the same values in life.


  1. I too have been impressed by the lack of barriers in WP. All religions, races, languages etc. seem to mingle and get on together. I think that is both lovely, and amazing. Yes, I have met feminists who come from countries and cultures where you would not expect them to come from. I think it is harder for some than others though, to stand up like that. I can only speak one language, with a smattering of French from schooldays!


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