Quiz Time (6)

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I’ve got into the habit of publishing these questions, but savour them because there is only one more set to come after this batch.

You know the drill by now, just for fun, answers below.

In previous weeks I’ve apologised for some UK-specific questions, but for this set you might actually have an advantage, especially if you’re in the USA. But to balance it out, there’s definitely one there, so you can have a free pass on the last question… unless you’re mega-brainy 🤣



Who wrote the novel Nicholas Nickleby?


As whom was Dino Paul Crocetti better known?


Which animal has the latin name pan troglodytes?


San Antonio Spurs. Which sport?


Come to think of it, in which US state is San Antonio?


“You have made my life complete, And I love you so” – name the song.


How old was outlaw Billy the Kid when he died? See how close you can get.


Which chess pieces can move diagonally, but only one square?


Complete the name of the colour: Powder ___


What was Christopher Trace’s biggest claim to fame?



Charles Dickens


Dean Martin








Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender


just 21, 1859-81. He was originally a New Yorker by birth but died at Fort Sumner, NM.


A king or a pawn, if it is taking another piece


I was thinking of Powder Blue, but CARAMEL informs me that there is also a Powder Pink. Thanks, Mel!


He was the very first Blue Peter presenter (1958-67)

Did you ever even hear of Blue Peter? Not to worry, how did you do otherwise?

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

6 thoughts on “Quiz Time (6)”

  1. Questions
    1. Charles Dickens
    2. Dean Martin
    3. No idea – sounds like a dinosaur
    4. By process of elimination (which I can explain) I would guess basketball
    5. Texas
    6. Love me tender
    7. 40?
    8. I am a nit confused…bishops can move diagonally. But more than one square. I thought it was only pawns that could only move one square. Can you tell it is a while since I played chess?
    9. I know there is a powder pink…but there is also a powder blue.
    10. Don’t know

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Too young! Hey, otherwise though you got most of ’em, well done! Your US knowledge is better than some Americans (no names!)

      I never heard of Powder Pink but I’ll look it up.


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