Who Won the Week (12 July 2020)

I do like Fandango’s Who Won the Week post, and like to join in with some quirky stories from my own newsfeeds. The idea is that we pick a “thing” (person, organisation) who “won” the week. Like today, I normally post with a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek. So, here goes…

Okay, let’s get this straight. It’s bad news if anybody catches this virus. I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody.

Within that..let’s put this diplomatically…some of us have taken far more precautions than others. Some of us seem almost to have taunted the virus, to the point where I’ve thought that if anybody had to catch it, it’d serve them right, rather than perhaps somebody catching it who has been taking sensible steps to prevent both themselves and other people from being infected.

But I must admit, I am not totally sold on the idea of wearing a mask.There seems to be a general belief that all masks are equal. They’re not. A surgical mask is more than twice as effective at preventing the passage of these tiny particles (in both directions), as a basic cotton mask, so just wearing any old mask is not a cureall. But, you know, I’d be happy to wear a mask (if I ever went outside!), just because wearing one can’t harm the situation. It seems far from clearcut, but wearing a mask helps to some extent.

My winner this week does not agree.

In fact, as a world leader, he decided that wearing a mask infringed his liberty, and even watered down mask-wearing rules accordingly. I’m not sure how many people follow what politicians say any more, but to the extent that some people still do, I’m not sure taking this gung-ho attitude is entirely helpful, bearing in mind that what they say could be putting other people’s lives at risk.

But that’s not all. In fact there is a whole timeline of events.

  • 19 April 2020

    My winner attended a rally alongside supporters, demonstrating against quarantine and social distancing. At a rally, without a care how close they all got to each other.

  • 3 May 2020

    Another protest. But events had by now moved on, and this time the protest was against lockdown.

  • 6 May 2020

    My friend was out and about again, this time being front-and-centre at a commemoration to celebrate the 130th anniversary of a military school.

  • 24 May 2020

    Another demo. Still no mask, although by now, many of his supporters are wearing them.

  • 31 May 2020

    Another demonstration, this time one in favour of his government. This guy sure does a lot of demonstrating, for a president!

  • 17 June 2020

    Another ceremony, this time to celebrate his new Minister of Communications.

  • 17 June 2020

    Keeping busy, this time with his Agricultural Minister to celebrate the start of a new “plan” for the agricultural sector, Even the minister is wearing a mask by this time.

  • 2 July 2020

    Attended a high-level summit, in person. By that time, the virus was so rife that many of the others “attended” the summit by videolink.

  • 7 July 2020

    My winner’s luck ran out, and he tested positive for the virus. He’s 65, so conventional wisdom says his age puts him at a higher risk, but he’s undeterred. He says he expects it to be “like the flu”. Let’s hope he’s right.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jair Bolsonaro, of Brazil.

a long way to go

most of my sources in this post were from The Guardian.


  1. I am surprised that masks are so controversial. I have to wear a face mask all day at work…and in all honesty I am glad to get it off when I leave work. But if I am asked to wear them in shops…of course I would.

    What surprises me is that people have already made enormous sacrifices…we have all made huge changes, foregoing social events, holidays, weddings, working at our usual location. Many have gone to so many extraordinary lengths to protect themselves and others, foregoing many freedoms that we always held as basic.

    So after all the huge sacrifices that have been made, why should wearing a face mask be a big deal. I don’t see the point in arguing about their effectiveness. Face masks having some protective properties is only part of the reasons to wear them. I think the other part is restoring the confidence of some people to emerge from their homes and go back out into businesses feeling safe. I know there are some people who seem to feel safe…we have all seen photos of crowded beaches and streets of Soho etc. But there are others who are still very nervous about circulating in public places. I understand their fears. I think that in order to restore public confidence to be out of the house with people, a face mask may be one of the measures that might make some people feel they can set foot in public places.

    I do feel concerned about those who rely on lip reading though. I had a patient the other day who was deaf…and I had no choice but to remove my mask so I could communicate with her. I am a signer…but she still needed to see my face to understand me.

    Anyway…we will see what happens…but after the sacrifices people have made for months, a face mask seems a very small ask in comparison.

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  2. Bolsonaro is my choice, too! I haven’t heard how sick from the virus he is, not that I care. The Brazilians have a saying, “Bicho ruim nao morre.” (Roughly and politely translated, “bad guys never die.” Like Trump and Roger Stone, they seem to live on to screw other people as long as they are able.)

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