Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge (26 June 2020)

NewEpicAuthor says that the links to his MM Music posts can go any way we want, and it is just as well. I listened to the MM Music Challenge this week and got to the lyrics. All those “Ah”s and, frankly, it sounded like we were at the dentist!

The Barron Knights were/are? a UK band, who specialised in spoofing serious pop tunes. At the back end of the Seventies, they had some commercial success – the clip I am presenting today was from Top of the Pops, the UK’s main chart show at the time.

In fact, one of my very few claims to fame was that I used to be friends with the daughter of one of the band members. When I came across her a few years ago on Facebook, meeting me had obviously made such a big impression, she had no clue who I was.

Anyway, I think this was their biggest chart hit (but we’re not talking Madonna here, as you’re about to see). Jim’s song today reminded me of that dentist in Birmingham!


The three songs that they spoof, by the way, the first in by Boney M, which I’m sure we’ll all know; the second is The Smurf Song, from around that time. I think it was Dutch in origin so travelled internationally, even to get to the UK; the third was a spoof on a song about the Manchester artist L. S. Lowry, who’d only recently died. The original song is a wonderful tune and reached #1 here. It wouldn’t surprise me if it never travelled, if nobody has ever heard of Lowry, but I shall include the link to the proper version below.

And, if you don’t know Money M, they were a brilliant German band from the disco era.


    • in case you didn’t recognise any of their skits, I added an addendum to the post. I’ve certainly seen youtubes of these guys still performing now. They must be 60s or 70s I guess, that vid was from the Seventies and they didn’t look particularly young there.


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