Quiz Time (2)

How did you enjoy my quiz questions last time?

Here is the second batch that I wrote for my charity newsletter. See how you get on this time. There are a couple of UK-specific question in there, but I left them in just to confound any UK readers! As always, just for fun, answers below.

1.Complete the sequence: Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, …
2.In what year was Margaret Thatcher first elected Prime Minister?
3.After the Good Friday Agreement, what was the pair of Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley commonly known as, by the media?
4.In which US state is Mount Rushmore?
5.Staying in the USA, which city is The Big Easy?
6.What is the main alcoholic ingredient of a Cuba Libre cocktail?
7.If you flew for 12 hours from Heathrow, where would you likely end up? New York, Sydney, Cape Town or Madrid? (A bonus point if you said Heathrow!)
8.What did Little Jack Horner pull out?
9.We are hearing a bit about North Korea’s Kim Jong Un at the moment, but when did he become their leader?
10.Which country’s flag is this: undefined
1.Scooby Doo!
3.The Chuckle Brothers
4.South Dakota
5.New Orleans
7.Cape Town. Sydney is at least 19 hours, while Madrid and New York are “just” 2½ hours and 8 hours, respectively.
8.A plum
9.December, 2011


  1. I knew most of these. Wasn’t clear on Margaret Thatcher was elected and didn’t know the one about the Good Friday accords. As for the 12-hour flight from Heathrow, I thought either Los Angeles or San Francisco, but those look more like 11 hr 15 min. For an extra 15 minutes, you could be in Hong Kong; London to Singapore is close to 13 hours. A lot of those flights go over the top of the world, which is why Juneau, Alaska is only 10 hr 39 min. I miss my travel days sometimes…

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  2. Glad you gave the answers, otherwise I would have had a guilty conscience looking them up to be sure.
    No. 2 I knew because just yesterday I was watching a BBC documentary about Maggie Thatcher
    No. 7 I guessed as I flew to New York once and it was only a 7 hour journey
    No. 8 I knew from my childhood days of nursery rhymes
    No. 9 – I did not know the exact year, but remember it happening when the other one kicked the bucket and all the Koreans were having a public crying session.
    10. I knew it was the Greek flag.
    Otherwise I would have been looking up the answers in Internet, but I do enjoy a good general knowledge quiz.

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    • It’s always good to include nursery rhymes, I think. A lot of the Age UK clients are grandparents so they tend to be hot on kiddie things. Me, I have to look all that stuff up.


  3. I knew “Big Easy” although I had no clue which state contains Mt. Rushmore (bad American me 😦 ) and I knew rum was in a Cuba Libre (which, unless I’m mistaken is a rum & coke with lime in it), I knew Scooby Doo and the plum (#8), but the rest? Posers, real mind benders. Great job! 😀


  4. This is me guessing, not googling:

    Is it Scrappy-doooooo?
    Beavis And Butthead? Laurel And Hardy?
    Rum? Tequilla?
    Cape Town – I think
    A posie?
    9.2013? No idea!

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