Commemoration of the Soweto Uprising

South Africa’s apartheid rulers decreed that the main language to be used in schools was Africaans. This was the oppressor’s language to the pupils. On this day in 1976, some schoolchildren in Soweto decided to peacefully protest…


  1. When I made my last comment I had not watched the video. I knew of this obviously but the video is so moving. Could it be said that the uprising was both a success and a failure? They got rid of white supremacy and got majority rule, but there is stilk crushing piverty there. What can we learn from this for today?

    Thankyou for this Pete. Very timely vid to post.

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    • A tragedy for the deaths, but this event is often considered to have been the beginning of the end for apartheid, although it was a slow death. If you are able, have a look on the reader for “Soweto Uprising”, I found one or two posts which are far better than mine.


  2. Thank you for bringing this tragedy on this date to the spotlight and for sharing the video, it is so compelling … 1976 in Soweto, 1968 (Mexico City), 1980 (Gwangju), 1989 (Tiananmen Square), … so many innocent students and civilians victims of oppressing governments, and still going on; when will it end?

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  3. Mr Bump…. that’s my birthday. I was born exactly a year after the uprisings. Public holiday in SA now. 🤗 thank you for making special mention of Youth Day (that’s what we call it here). I’m so touched that it’s significant enough to you to blog about ❤️

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    • What a lovely time of year to have a birthday – my wife’s is in just a couple of weeks time and the weather here is always very pleasant. In previous years, we’ve been able to go to outside restaurants etc. So I hope you had a good time.
      Yes I saw lots of references to Youth Day on the web. I even checked the Reader just to see if the anybody else in blogland talked about this – and a few people did. They were mostly SA blogs, and writing in the context of the present (so mainly Youth Day), but one was very much discussing the 1976 events.
      I get silly about these things, just because I think it is important that people know they were/are not alone, that other people care. Not just SA. – we have certain values and they apply worldwide.
      Still a young pup, btw! 🤣🤣

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    • Hopefully people will have read the post, maybe learned something, maybe realise that shange is possible.
      Would you believe I feel the same about democracy here? There is so much we need to do to make things better.

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