Our (serious) News programme just announced that an existing, off-the-shelf steroid, which exists as either an injection or a ten-day course of tablets, has had a significant effect in treating COVID. I think I caught that they are talking in terms of reducing fatalities by around 1/3.


    • I’ve been hearing more about it. Apparently it dampens down your immune response. When covid takes hold, the immune system goes into overdrive, and this drug helps calm everything down. The warnings are starting to come out now – it won’t stop someone from catching it in the first place, and if somewone has mild covid (where presumably the immune system has everything under control) then it makes no difference.
      The good news is that they are also looking at other meds in the same genre, to see whether they offer any benefits. I mean. looks generally like it is helping symptoms rather than cause, but a good start.

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