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There is a feed on here goes by the name of WordPress News, it is an “official” feed for, the platform on which we write, is built on

For better or worse, they have big plans for Gutenberg. They have an idea called Full Site Editing, where Gutenbery is gradually doing more and more. They envisage Gutenberg expanding and encompassing even things like the Customizer, say. So I think the writing is on the wall.

But for the moment…

Nan's Farm

“Confusion is a word we have invented for an order not yet understood!” – Unknown.

Over on Weekly Prompts this Saturday the Weekend Challenge from GC and me is Coming or Going.

Coming or Going – is a state of confusion and has been the way many of our blogging colleagues have felt during this first week of the Gutenberg Editor. Some of us have opened new pages to find Blocks as the default editor, while others have seen no change whatsoever! Confusing isn’t it? What was your experience on that first day?

I’d assumed that those bloggers with little interest in using the Gutenberg Block Editor would have found their way back to the Classic. It seems I was wrong about that, and there are still bloggers out there having a good old shout about not being able to find their way back.

Those who study human…

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  1. I was surprised when I logged in. The layout has changed and the font size too! I see posts in inieminie small letters, while the comments read in huge letters! Don’t know what that is all about and first I thought I changed it by accident on my computer.
    As for the blocks, I don’t see a big change (yet), as long as I can write, I’m quite happy with that. It’s easier to put pictures in.
    There is a different feeling to it, it’s not a page anymore that you create but some sort of fluent document. I hope I can uncover some fun things with it 🙂
    Do you worked with the new editor already? What are your thoughts about it? (if you already posted on this, you can refer me to the correct post, I’m trying to catch up after some absence.)

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    • Yes I always used the Block Editor ever since I moved to WP. Coming from Google it was a bit different but not unusable different. They added a lot more block types in the last few months, I found one the other day which will countdown days and minutes to christmas!

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