Part Two – Don’t Panic

Reblogging this post, in case it is any use to anyone. Sue wrote another post, which she highlighted a few days ago, and which I also shared.

Weekly Prompts

  ‘A Guide To The Gutenberg Blocks Editor” Part Two.

This post is a second response to the Block Editor concerns of some of our blogging colleagues

Links to the printable and downloadable guides, Parts One and Two are located at the end of this post.

Both guides are basic introductions to the Blocks, intended for bloggers who simply want to write a blog post and insert a few images, pretty much what most of us want! And as said previously, don’t let the amount of blocks put you off, most of us will only ever use two or three.

Part One dealt with composing a post using the Block ‘Classic Editor’, this is a version of the old Classic Editor previous to the existing Classic.

Two Editors named Classic – what were they thinking? Confusing to say the least!

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    • You’re not still using the classic editor, are you? I’d get to know the new one if I were you, it’s actually pretty good.
      I think Sue has done 3 of these posts, I share them because a few people have expressed reservations about going from one editor to the other.


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