Concert for George

Fandango’s Prompt today was photograph.

To be honest, my first thought was this song, but I presented a song the other day and I like to mix things up a bit.

I’m not a big fan of Ringo Starr, I know very little of his post-Beatles work. I found this track of his – which was co-written by George Harrison – when I heard it at the Concert for George, held on the first anniversary of George’s death.

I’m not a particularly sentimental person, but this is one of the few concerts I regret not having attended -instead I had to make do with watching the DVD, a few years later. I specifically thought of this version of the song, and you can find absolutely everything on YouTube, so I thought I might share it, if you fancy a listen. This entire clip is a long one because it covers both of Ringo’s contributions, but it was the first of them that rattled my cage.

If you don’t know it, the whole concert is worth a listen (but then I’m biased) – the first half covers the Indian music that George loved, the second covers some of his songs, performed by George’s pals, like Tom Petty and Eric Clapton. I was never a big fan of Joe Brown either but he plays a wonderful song on the uke.


  1. Ringo wrote “Photograph” with George, and George was a great devotee of Carl Perkins, who wrote “Honey Don’t” (which Ringo sang on the album Beatles For Sale), so those were perfect choices for the show. And “I’ll See You In My Dreams” was a perfect end to the concert. I had the DVD once, but usually skipped Ravi Shankar’s contributions….

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    • I remember a quote once when he acknowledged that “the west” would never “get” Indian music, because he once received an ovation at the end of a short piece…and all he had been doing was tuning his sitar!

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