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The Pilgrimage

I’m not racist.

Neither are most of the white people I know. But finally, at long last, I’m starting to have an inkling that, given our nation’s history and track record (ugh. No pun intended), being “not racist” needs to be a little more proactive and intentional than being passive and “nice,” having brown friends, and telling them they’re welcome to come to church with us.

How was Ahmaud Arbery (whose birthday is today, by the way) murdered in February and I only found out about it three days ago? (Only after I started writing this post did I learn it happened in February.) Don’t even answer that question. None of the possible answers are acceptable.

At the beginning of this week I was still sobbing about my dog–and the grief has not subsided, but you guys, my little black dog had a better death than this black man (and…

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  1. I hadn’t heard about this person’s murder until just now. I probably don’t want to know how he was murdered. I do know who murdered him needs to be welded into a cell. I feel the same way about hate crimes based on skin color or LGBT+ status as I do about “hate crimes” against females and children. Any malicious harming of another deserves stringent response.

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    • We tend not to hear about the actual incidents here, although every now and again, an incident will trigger a report on the news. That’s shocking because it talks in terms of numbers, not names. Most of our NHS is immigrant, and one of my friends wondered whether C-19 might finally see an end to the calls to go home. Even to 3rd gen immigrants! I doubt it.
      But yeah, I agree, it’s all sorts of areas where we need to fight it. Anything where one person feels they are better than somebody else. We are hearing particularly of the increase in domestic abuse during lockdown.

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