Share Your World (27 April 2020)

I’ve kinda noticed that I am starting to pick up some pre-virus activities again, so might have to ease myself out of some of the prompts I’ve recently taken part in. Plus, when WordPress tells me that I have posted for 48 days straight, this is meant to be some badge of honour but I’m afraid the only emotion I feel is scary. I don’t want this blog to become one of those blogs where I post for the sake of posting something, and I have published a few posts like that recently.

Having said that, Share Your World, by Melanie B. Cee over at, is one of the posts I have come to enjoy each week, so I will try to keep it up. This week, Melanie asks us the following questions:

Do guns protect people or kill people?  Or both?

Hmmmm… gun control. I’ve posted on this a few times, so will not go into detail in this answer. If you want more, you can find it here and here, amongst others. My views tend not to change substantially, and have not in this case.

I would make three points:

  • People kill people. In this much, the NRA are right, but that’s not the end of the argument.
  • There are people, the world over, who would go out and kill somebody, provided they had the means to do so. The USA has no monopoly on pissed-off citizens.
  • But the USA is the only country which gives people the means to destroy other people. At least, to do so, so easily.

Having accepted the need for gun control, I see two problems:

  1. how do you stop new guns getting out onto the streets?
  2. how do you bring in existing guns?

For the first, they need a move by politicians. Which means the politicians must be free to act on their conscience, not governed by their campaign funding. Which means that they need to change their political funding system to make groups like the NRA impotent. Which means they need to change their constitution. You thought gun control was a big issue? We didn’t even get started yet!

On the guns that are out there already, I specifically reject buyback schemes, because the people who are dangerous will be unlikely to sell their weapons to the government for a few bucks. In this area, I must admit that this is why I think that, fundamentally, the USA is screwed. The best thing I can think of is to ban consumables such as bullets, to ban them immediately, and hope that in maybe ten or twenty years people might have the desire, but no longer have the means, to shoot weapons at other people. But even this approach offers no guarantees.

One of the things that fascinates me in this debate is that guns have been around a few hundred years, but mass shootings have only been reported since the end of WWII. I wonder why that is? Journalism just got better? It’d be nice to know.

Is it more important to be respected or liked?

80:20 respected. If you are respected, then by implication you will be liked a little. Similarly, if people hate your guts, you’re unlikely to command their respect. So I think you need a mix of both, but in relative proportions.

Is having a big ego a negative or  positive trait?  (yeah I know.  Duh. But there ought to be one “gimme’ in the pile)

Negative. Just do it. When you’ve done it, get on and do the next thing. No time for an ego.

Depending on your point of view, is death a new beginning? 

You might as well just ask whether people have religion or not. After all, isn’t this the only real point of religion? To convince ourselves that something will happen afterwards?

It’s tough right now to count the blessings we have.   Being grateful for being confined to our homes and having reality skewed out of kilter for some is depressing.   So if there is something positive or uplifting or something you’re grateful for that you’d like to share (pictures, memes, images, thoughts) please!  Do share!  Thanks!   🙂

I’m grateful sometimes that I don’t need to go out, that I can sit on the sofa in my dressing gown, my slippers, and scratching my balls all day, and still be productive. I’m remembering that staying away from other people does not necessarily mean staying home. I’m grateful that we had sunny, warm weather last week, and that each day my wife and I enjoyed a scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream in the garden. I’m grateful that for the most part I have gotten away with being so lazy these last few weeks. There’s lots to be grateful for.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your viewpoints on Share Your World! Very thoughtful ones too, especially about the gun question. I have read two posts this morning (one was yours) that really explained in some detail a sensible answer to the gun problem (if such exists) and how common sense might be applied to make things safer. I sit on the fence myself. I don’t mind folks having them, as long as they register the things, take proper training to use them, and don’t shoot me. 😆 I am against the lax stance that’s taken in the U.S.A. regarding the ownership of a gun. They’re wickedly easy to get, even illegally (well maybe especially illegally), and people with unbalanced emotions and mental stability seem to get them without trouble. That’s messed up. Thanks for providing your thoughts on that!

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  2. I just don’t think we need military weapons in our homes. I also don’t think we should shoot to kill in self defense. I think we should shoot to apprehend to turn over to authorities. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!

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