Fed Up

Welcome to my Sunday morning, and I’m already getting fed up with one story in particular. So, I’d just like to put my point of view across.

Please, if somebody is the type of person who thinks it might help them, I have absolutely no problem if they want to go enjoy a nice, cool, refreshing pint of bleach.

This is what Charles Darwin was all about.


  1. 😂😂😂 Who is it that is upsetting you Stroke Survivor? I’ll go sort them out for you quick quick 😉. Thanks for the laugh…. pint of bleach. I’ll be sure to remember to use that phrase (and credit it back to you of course) then next time that someone gets on my nerves

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  2. Point taken and I get why you’re fed up. I recommend looking at the sky (while in isolation of course, don’t be silly here!) and watch for chemtrails. The bleach thing is just a cover up!
    I’m rooting for Darwin over here!!

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