The Song that Got Away (4)

Yes I’m slowly but surely running down my Drafts folder! Every week, Jim Adams gives us a particular theme for Song Lyric Sunday. I consciously try to come up with a song where the title matches the theme. Nice and obvious.

But sometimes I can’t think of a good title, and either the album name or some lyrics become fair game. The other week we had a theme of promises, and this was my very first thought, because UB40 once released an album called Promises and Lies. So, it was just a case of picking a song I liked from this album.

I chose what I thought was a decent song which people might remember but in the end I went with another song, which I thought was far more meaningful. UB40 have had a string of hit records, Promises and Lies was a #1 album in the UK (#6 USA), and this song itself reached #8 in the UK (#45 on the Hot 100). Despite that, it didn’t make the cut for me that day, but it’s a decent track and I thought people might enjoy it today.

Hope nobody’s sick of reggae just yet!


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