Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge (17 April 2020)

In I can, I try to “read” everybody’s posts in my browser’s reader app, which speaks the post to me. It’ll maybe take five minutes, where using my eyes might take fifteen!

One advantage to this is that when somebody posts the lyrics to a song, I usually take in more than if my eyes just scanned them. As soon as I heard the lyrics Californian Sunshine in today’s prompt, it took me here:


  1. Oh, that’s wonderful that your browser has abuilt-in reader app. I use VoiceOver on my iPhone, which is a screen reader for the blind. I find that using both my Braille display and VoiceOver speech helps me get th emost out of posts.

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    • This is Firefox. I’m not sure why, but sometimes it does not recognise that a page can be read, so I downloaded an addon which forces it. Between the add-on and Firefox itself, I get 95% there. I have glaucoma, I have to stare at the letters for a while before they register. I get there but I am very slow, so hearing spoken word is much faster.

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    • That’g good. It is as well I found the song from a guess at the title, I did not even know who the song was by until I found the link. I think I remember it from Good Morning, Vietnam but I think I must’ve heard it before then, too.


  2. Great song. In 2000 my spouse and I took 28 middle school kids to Australia and New Zealand. He had burned CDs with California songs as thank you gifts. They were well recieved. Our bus driver got pretty tired of us all singing along for hours. It was a great trip though.

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