Someone to Watch over Me

I decided to go lie on my bed for a bit, and put the radio on. Our local station is called Wave 105. They seem to have their own DJs, but they get syndicated news from Sky.

The 2PM News bulletin came on. Two stories on it made me wonder.

One article was about a tweet from the official Cambridgeshire Police Twitter account, that officers were spending their time patrolling the non-essential aisles at a local supermarket.

The tweet was deleted, but not before it got noticed. In a further tweet, the police force “clarified” their earlier tweet by saying the exact opposite – that officers were not monitoring what people bought. Even our government weighed in, saying that people could buy whatever they liked. In fact, in the UK, there is no definition in any case, of what is essential and what is not.

The second article was by a Mr Jason Leech, who is the National Clinical Director in Scotland. My Leech said that activities such as mountain biking were not permitted.

Now, I can right now, today, go onto the WHO’s web site ( and can watch videos about how the virus spreads. It is exhaled in the form of droplets by somebody when they sneeze. The droplets can land on a surface, where they do not die immediately. The problems start when somebody else then ingests those droplets, through their mouth, nose or eyes. Possibly, they might touch a surface, get a droplet on their hand, then inadvertently put their hand into their mouth. That’s why washing hands is important. That’s what the WHO say. This 2m rule came about because 2m is considered to be beyond the range of a sneezed droplet. This is elementary stuff – even an eejit like me can follow it.

So the bulletin left me wondering. Neither shopping in a particular aisle, nor riding a bike, necessarily involve contact with other people, so what does Mr Leech, do Cambridgeshire Police, know that the WHO doesn’t?

So I came back through to the computer, to give my brain a rest.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

15 thoughts on “Someone to Watch over Me”

  1. Yes, there is so much confusion, misinformation probably, contradiction etc. I read a Study today by a scientist wh debunked the theory that droplets are heavy and drop to the ground before they reach 6 feet away. But this scientist said that it stays in the air in a fine mist for a long time. Contradictions. We don’t know where we are really.

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        1. I noticed at the start of this, there advice was “2m for less than 15 minutes“, but that last bit onveniently got dropped by the media.
          I can see that all of this just amounts to a probability. There is a certain probability that the virus will stay in the air, there is a certain probability that you could catch something if you are within 2m of somebody for 30s, say, but I would expect these probabilities must be similar to being struck by lightning.

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  2. That’s weird. We can buy food because that are the only shops that are open. But if a supermarket sells cleaning products we can buy them too. So the very essentials like shampoo, crisps, wine or beer we can buy 😁
    But promotions were forbidden to prevent a lot of people coming to the store. That rule must have changed because yesterday we got a flyer from the supermarket with promotion for the biggest local beer – Jupiler. We went to the store just for food as we go every Thursday and there was a huge que!!!! We went back without buying anything. See, I don’t get that at all. We went to a smaller shop and there was no que but people were not social distancing at all!! It’s becoming a mess if you ask me!!!
    I guess mountain biking is allowed here but we must stay in a 50 km range of our home and we’re not permitted to take the car to go for a hike. The explanation is that you need to stay relatively close to where you live, so the infected people can be spread through out the hospitals and there won’t be a shortage in beds.
    I’m already writing a whole novel here, so I can add one question. Pierre wondered if you thought that there would be some cycling or football during the summer in the UK?

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    1. For cycling, I have no idea. Cycling usually starts in the spring so I would guess not. Football is a different matter, I have heard it debuted recently. I think in the Premier League, Liverpool are so far ahead that people would probably just settle for ending the season now and making them champions. For the clubs in the relegation places, however, it is very different because they all naturally believe they will escape, and the money at stake is huge.
      I like my green now. It was too dark but I have fixed it all now.
      We have no restrictions on promotions but there are fewer of them. It is no surprise that the supermarkets’ profits were 30% higher than normal in March.

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          1. A few happened before the Corona measurements which started the second half of March here. Everything else is cancelled.
            They are debating now if some festivals will take place in the summer. Next Wednesday there will be an update on measurements here. I’m really curious.

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            1. There will be a review of the whole lockdown here, next week, because one was promised at the start. But really, the outcome is a no-brainer that we continue. Looking at the curve of new cases, it might be flattening, although of course it is real life data so does not follow a curve neatly. I would predict that in two or three weeks the situation here might be clearer, although I am not sure how much “new cases” need to drop before the lockdown starts to be lifted. Looking at the curve for Be, it is difficult to see any trend at all.


  3. There is definitely overreach from authorities. The BBC reported on an officer warning a family playing in their garden to go inside. Once again Downing Street had to apologize and said this was an ‘ over-enthusiastic officer ‘ and did not reflect the official policies of the government or the police. Officialdom needs to calm down a bit and keep a sense of proportion.

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    1. I fully agree, 100%. All that will happen is that an over-zealous policeman will issue a ticket to somebody who will just say “piss off”. When all this is over, the case will go to court and the court will throw it out…and possibly award damages against the police in the process. The one thing the politicians do seem to understand is the need to carry public opinion with them, threatening people with a big stick it just futile.


  4. As with any rule…people interpret it their own way!

    I do honestly think most people have common sense. Maybe the police are invaluable for directing those who have no common sense or are just callous and uncaring about their actions.

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    1. …assuming the police themselves can use common sense.
      The authorities need to be sensible because the only way it will work is with the support of everybody. If they start being silly, people will just ignore them. And when you look at the graph, the lockdown might well be working, New cases over the last couple of days have not increasing at anywhere near the rate they were a few weeks ago.


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