To Start the Day

Image showing musical notes on a stave.

Okay, tell me if this doesn’t raise your spirits just a tiny bit.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

12 thoughts on “To Start the Day”

    1. Oh no, this is getting to be a habit! Jamming. Just gets you moving! I just had breakfast here. Crumpets this am. Thinking about it, I never saw crumpets in the US, do you guys call them different? And tea. A pint of tea, wash all the bloody tablets down!

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          1. As the post says it’s similar to the muffin. I don’t eat things of this nature. The only bread I’ll eat is a butter croissant. Other than that I stay away from bread. It sits on my stomach. 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️. I’ve never had a muffin a day in my life.

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