I’m kinda reluctant to share this link because I don’t know how good the information is. I’m wary of sharing stuff which we will subsequently find to be wrong. As a plus, I have been looking at this site for the last week and the numbers have been pretty consistent with what I am hearing from other news sources.

It might be optimistic for the UK – in the last few days the number of new cases has bucked the recent trend. We’re still at breakneck speed but maybe somebody started to put the brakes on? Fingers crossed.

I just posted about international readers an hour ago, and this site gives some idea what different countries are going through. And if anybody can tear themselves away from Corona, there is another section (link below) where they’ve collated data about the world’s populations.

Numbers are fascinating.

or, your country:

or, populations:

If anybody thinks these numbers are unreliable, please share your thoughts.


  1. I know you’ll have checked your source before posting this P. It’s so difficult to know what to believe. Obviously there are lots of people with the virus, sitting at home isolating (like my brother in law and his girlfriend – she’s got it really bad) and not being checked. So I think a lot of the figures are anecdotal and wonder if we’ll ever find out the true numbers.

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    • Yes that is maybe true. We can at least say that the cases being admitted to hospital might be slowing. But generally. I agree – plus these graphs will only have any real value once this is over and we caqn see the results.

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  2. We’ve seen the same trend here, number of infections going down a little but the death rates aren’t (yet). Also when our PM spoke to us (she’s so cool!) she said we’re only at the beginning and that the virus wasn’t contained (yet). We are obliged to follow the measurements till the 19th of April, which is going to be followed by an evaluation and maybe the measurements will be stretched till the 3th of May.
    So maybe we can be cautiously optimistic but we don’t know what is to come. We’ve been looking at the same sources so maybe they are reliable for what we know at the moment.

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    • Hopefully by 19/4, all the graphs will be better-defined and it will be clearer. They have said similar, here, but an NHS spokesman (yesterday?) said we might be 6 months like this. Out here, we are all generally inside. But we, here, are an older population so maybe we appreciate the risks? We have seen on tv that maybe other places have not been so rigid. I don’t know, because the media tends to focus on these extremes, and we do not know how widespread this behaviour is.

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      • 6 months! That isn’t too good for the economy. My guess is that it will be like that till June and then they will adjust some of the measurements. It is going to be a slow process I think to open the lockdown. We should settle into it. Here it is the same, people are inside. It’s very quiet. Some youth tries to rebel and some older people are a bit offended that they are ‘already’ the older population. Police is monitoring and controlling all those misfits! 😆 To go outside can be a costly joke now. Inside it’s way better. I just hope we don’t get a heat wave soon.

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