Fandango’s Provocative Question (20 February 2020)

Wednesday. Fandango sems to be getting back to normal, and has just published this weeek’s Provocative Question. This week, he asks:

Are humans better at creating or destroying?

Okay, I’m not going to publish a long post today, because I already posted my answer here.

We are destroying the earth. Despite everything which is said, we are still pumping out more and more carbon than ever. Not just the industrialising countries like China, but countries like the USA and the UK too, countries which are already industrialised. We think we can talk about cutting carbon, and the problem goes away. We are destroying the rain forests. Despite all that is known, the clearing continues. We’ve just cleared big parts of Australia – or rather fire cleared it for us.

Now,my point is not so much this, but that people deny that the warming of the earth is man-made, despite the science. Or, possibly worse, people accept that climate change is happening, then pay lip service to to it, just before they hop on board their airplane. The numbers through Heathrow are about 80 million per year.

And the simple thing which makes me reach my conclusion? If people don’t feel they need to act now, when will they? Or, do they think that this problem belongs to someone else?

It’s never going to happen. In the words of Private Fraser (Dad’s Army, UK sitcom), we’re doomed!

[If you haven’t already noticeed, the letter “e” on my keybard has started acting up. I will try my best to proof-read out any mistakes but I warn you now, I am very fallible! The Space Bar also acts up, but it has been doing so for a while and you are less likely to notice this.]


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