Veteran (Not Fandango’s Friday Flashback 🙂)

Fandango posted the other day about how he just moved house, so I guess he’s still too busy to post.

If you’re new to the idea, here’s his post from last week, where he explains the deal. And I have always liked the idea of his Friday Flashback posts, so shall post my own. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining too. Each week, whether he gets to post or not, I’ll continue to post under the Fandango’s Friday Flashback tag, just to stay consistent with my previous posts on this theme.

In fact I already posted my serious flashback yesterday, my last-but-one post. That stuff is important so I can see that I’m getting my old self back. Today’s flashback is just fluff in comparison.

Nevertheless … I found this one from a year ago. They decided I’d done 100 hours of voluntary work, and gave me a certificate to prove it! I’d like to be able to say that it hangs proudly on my wall as a commemoration of all my efforts, but … I doubt if it even made it home. Anybody who doesn’t know me, these certificates are nonsense, they just distract us from the things that need to be done. A nice photo for their newsletter, s’all.

Mister Bump

I had to chuckle – the co-ordinator at the stroke charity told me the other day that I’d clocked up 100 hours of volunteering. My first thought was, how on earth did they calculate that?, because, it is all guesswork on their part! Most of the time I’ve done the drop-ins on my own, so nobody else would even have a clue.

But I can work it out. Approximately, anyhow. As regards the real numbers, I volunteer only once a fortnight, just going around the ward at the local hospital, the ward where I was once a patient. So that’s 26 visits per year. I’ve been volunteering 2-and-a-bit-years, so, maybe, 60 visits by now I’m somewhere between 1½ and 2 hours at the hospital itself.

So I suppose 100 hours is not a bad guess.

I’m governed by bus times, so I can estimate it more firmly by thinking…

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