Another Provocative Answer

Just on Fandango’s Provocative Question from January 15, this morning I read Marilyn Armstrong’s answer, which was so good it deserved a Repost. When I hit the Repost button on her post, nothing happened. But no matter, we have the technology….

This is worth a few minutes:

[Addendum] Please, please, don’t bother liking my post. Go over to her blog, read and absorb her post. If you appreciate it, like that instead.


    • Itmakes absolute sense, if I had my way everybody shout read it . The trouble I often feel on here is that we are preaching to the converted. I plan on posting something similar tomorrow, but again…


  1. Thank you for sharing, it was worth the read indeed. And I agree with the post. All things crawling and buzzing will also come with climate change and still here we are, building buildings in beautiful materials, to sell for a lot of money. And the earth is suffering. (that is what I see when I look out of my window).


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