Clothing (Fandango’s Friday Flashback)

We have just had christmas (least said about that, the better) but fortunately Fandango is trying to keep things vaguely normal by publishing his usual prompts, including his Friday Flashback.

I dug out a post today from two years ago, where I try to explain the difficulties I had putting on clothing. I’ll let you read the post for yourselves, but two years later, I still ecognise all the things that I write about in the post, but obviously with two more years practise…

Incidentally, this post turned into a one-of-two post, the other was written a day later. If you can stomach it, you can find that second post here.

Mister Bump

I was reading the blog of a friend of a friend, who was talking about how she dresses and makes herself up. She, too, has a dodgy dominant side, just like me. It put the idea into my head of writing about my own restrictions, so here goes:

When I think of a lot of things, we use our left and right hands to oppose each other, for example when opening a jar. Because I effectively have no functioning left hand, there is nothing to oppose the right. This comes into play when dressing too – you can imagine doing up the zip on my coat is a problem. If you can’t imagine, try it!

Other things where I miss two hands working independently of each other are things like tying a tie, or shoelaces. Further, because this has been an issue since the stroke itself, I now feel that…

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  1. I am right handed, but I tried to imagine, after reading this post, what it would be like to not have a working left hand. I realized that, even though my right hand is my dominant one, my left hand serves as the wind beneath my right hand. That has to be tough to get used to.

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