Groundhog Groundhog Day

Friday. Fandango’s Flashback. A chance to post something from this day in years gone by, to see what we thought back then.

I have been ready to jump back into work for over a year now, and even a year ago, I posted about the frustration of finding a job.

This post, from 9th November 2018, talks about my frustration with the job boards.

I hear politicians talk about record employment in the UK. At the same time, I see record numbers using food banks, and wonder which world those politicians are living in, because employment certainly doesn’t equate to affluence. I don’t doubt that the USA is exactly the same, because we take our lead from you in most things.

Another thing that politicians will tell you, is that there record numbers of jobs available. This too is a sham. What happens is that the same job is reposted over and over, as if it were a new job each time, just to keep it near the top of the pile. I can imagine if I made the same post every day, you’d soon be fed up with me. So I am seeing new jobs that I first saw posted maybe eighteen months ago.

The net effect? Well, I look at job boards less frequently, maybe weekly instead of daily. Some boards, I have given up altogether, so the advertisers shoot themselves in the foot. And, of course, the boards themselves don’t mind, presumably they’re earning their fee for every time the job is posted in any case. Anyway, I don’t want to just repeat my original post again now. So please enjoy my flashback.

Mister Bump

It is an interesting conundrum. I see the same job, for the same salary, posted again and again. I can see, if you’re a poster, that you might assume that someone, who might be perfect for the role, might not have seen the job that time around, so it might be worth advertising the same job again.

But I’m seeing jobs that are just being re-advertised for months on end, at the same salary. If someone were looking for that job, don’t you think they’d have seen the ad by now?

It leads me to an interesting question – at what point do you, as a recruiter, throw your hands up in surrender and accept that there whilst there might be nobody sufficiently skilled to do the job, there might also be something wrong with the job which stops people from applying. It might be the job description itself, the…

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Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems for banks, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

One thought on “Groundhog Groundhog Day”

  1. I once worked one a team of 10 “solution consultants.” It was a demanding job that required very specific skills, long hours, and almost constant travel. We rarely had a full contingent of people to fill all 10 positions, so the company was basically continuously running the same ads to get people to fill those positions.

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