This morning, I had a grrrrr….uelling experience with my bank.

I don’t log on to online banking much any more, as I’m not very active financially. After the stroke, I shut a lot of things down, a morbid obsession with leaving things as easy as possible for my wife to sort out, so there are very few transactions.

However, in late September, we had a water bill drop through the door, so I figured it was about time to part with the cash.

So I logged on to my online bank. “We have changed our system. Please enter new credentials.” Oh, great. So I played along and created new credentials, then tried to log in again.

No dice. I must have entered the credentials wrongly. Forgotten password link – it wanted my Customer Number. What the f*** is my Customer Number? I’ve had the account twenty years and never needed it before!

So, at 8:30am I am on the phone to them. A nice “good morning” message for the guy on the helpdesk.

I recount my problems. “Not to worry, sir. Let’s see how we can help”. So, we walk through the setup process once again. Over the phone, I get a key piece of information. My choice for such-and-such a passcode cannot be the same as it was previously. Really? That’s not stated on the web site. Well, it should be OK to re-use the old passcode, but we’ve had some customers who’ve had problems. Too bloody right!

Ten minutes later, and I’m looking at my account. I suppose the good thing is that there was more money in it than I expected! It turns out that my re-use of that code had been the problem. I used a different code, and sailed through. I’ve had this account for many years, and my code was imprinted on my brain. But, ask me to remember a different one???

Once inside their application, you can imagine my first task – put the bloody code back to what it was originally! Changing for changing’s sake is no guarantee of security, plus I’m confident that my code number was secure – at least as secure as it was the last time I logged on. Do they really think they’ve built a safer system, when all they’ve done is force me to write codes down?

But before I quit their application, I remembered to do one more thing…pay the damn bill!


    • I kinda knew it was inevitable – I’m with a small bank which was taken over by a larger bank, so I understand they will rationalise their systems.
      But wanting to do X, then getting totally sidetracked until you achieve Y???? So annoying.


  1. Changing for changing’s sake is no guarantee of security

    While that’s true, it does make sense to change your password now and and then. Sites do get compromised, though I’ve not heard of that happening to a bank. Yet.

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