Holiday Time

My WordPress friend Fandango ( has this excellent idea of each Friday, reposting something from this date in a previous year, just to let readers have a glimpse of our past.

So I chose this week to include a post from two years ago, my first (and so far, my only) holiday/vacation since the stroke. These posts are especially significant for me, as they remind me how far I have come, which was the reason I started this blog. Note that the date is not exact – I tend not to post every day, so I aim for as near as possible. Enjoy (the photos especially), and I hope I’ve done the pingback feature properly.

Mister Bump

I went away on holiday with my wife last week, my first time away from home since the stroke.

We stayed in a “normal” room, i.e. not one for disabled people. Deliberately so on my part. The holiday, however, was an organised coach trip to Scarborough, and was clearly aimed at more senior people. A lot of my criticisms of the package are based purely on this age difference. For example, the hotel was without internet, and what they said *did* work, *didn’t*. Nobody seemed bothered, except for my wife and I.

Getting onto and off the coach was dependent on the actual terrain on which we were parked, but was generally do-able. There were plenty of things to hold on to, to give myself leverage. So too was manouvring about the coach. I did find that my bad leg was prone just to “relaxing” out of the seat into…

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    • The stroke came in two parts for me. First, individual joints don’t work. That’s never really changed even now, not so that anything is usable. Left hand and foot, mainly. It gets a lot better as you get closer to my torso. Second is the overall strength, which has improved a lot. I could walk maybe 10 or 20 yds, literally, when I left the hospital, and used a chair when I was tired; I walk a half-mile now. ‘Course, I’m exhausted, but a 5-minute break and I’m good to go again. I’m not quick but I get around. It’s frustrating because I was a cyclist before, fit as a flea (or so I thought 🙂 ).

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    • I couldn’t really go out for probably 9 months, first few I had no interest whatever in computers, although they’ve since been a lifeline. When I wrote this it must’ve been roughly 18 months afterwards, now I’m about 3½ years. Progress has, I guess, been pretty linear. I did a mile sponsored walk this year…but needed to go sleep for a few hours afterwards. I’m still young enough where I expect to improve.

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