Climate Change

I was just reading a post on the subject of climate change. In it, the author quotes a climate-change-denier. “Climate Change can’t exist because it’s snowing”. I hasten to add that the blogger was using it as an example of nonsense, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Please look at this chart of my daily blood sugar readings, from a while ago:

Do you see the pattern? No, I don’t blame you. It’s Greek to me, too.

That’s the same as our weather.

One reading, taken at a single point in time, doesn’t tell me much. In fact a thousand readings, all taken at single points in time, don’t tell me much.

What I do is to process each point. I take a reading every day, so I have a bunch of data. What I’m interested in, is my average sugar reading over the last fifty days. Fifty is a number that I chose arbitrarily. I could have just as easily calculated my average over this last week. So, in my case, each individual reading contributes one fiftieth to my total average.

What I find useful is to track that average over time, to give me an overall trend on how well I’m controlling it. What was my average in 2017, say, compared to now? And I come up with this:

Do you see the difference? That is using exactly the same data. By looking at the statistics, I can see clear up/down trends over time. The two graphs are a little different, because they’re drawn by a program I was writing, and I took the images at various stages of development – the second one is a promo image and the first is just a screenshot I took just now.

That’s climate.

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