Cheesed Off

I’m really cheesed off that I can’t even type just a few words, without finding a typo of some kind or another. For the most part, no harm is done.

I can sometimes read something and get the exact opposite meaning, because my eyes will miss a “not” or a “-n’t” somewhere. I can trap these mistakes, because in the context of the surrounding sentences, something doesn’t make sense.Red isn’t their favourite colour? Hang on, in the last sentence, they said it was.

But writing. I can easily think clearly enough to know what I want to type, so it is purely hitting the wrong key and not noticing. No great consequence, just embarrassment. The sentence as a whole clearly make sense, but my spelling lets me down. And, to make it even more infuriating, 99% of the time, I am perfect, nobody would know that anything in particular had caused this. Tell you what, if there are typos in this post, I shall leave them as an example of how irritating it can be. (Except the bloody thing will likely be perfect!)

All except the title. I’ve had to correct that, if only to save you from scratching your head. God knows what a pff is supposed to be!

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