Celebs Go Dating

Ha, ha, ha. I quite like a lighthearted laugh before bed, and I think I’ve found the right TV programme. It’s on one of the “4” channels, the one I watched tonight is E4. It’s called “Celebs go Dating”, and it really has me laughing. The title kinda gives it away, although given that I’ve never heard of any of these people, I’m not sure who’s who.

Last week there was a guy who asked his date “What is Brexit?” I don’t think this programme was filmed that long ago, so this guy has only had 3½ years to figure it out! (Let’s put to one side, that this issue was rumbling on for twenty years before then! Oliver Goldsmith was probably going on about the EU when this chap was born!) This guy is someone who, it seems gets the lowest reviews of anybody from the dating agency. I wonder why? But it goes to show how the things I’m interested in can go beyone other people, and vice versa. I bet this chap knows who every one of these celebs is.

Also, a couple who happened to be exes. How’s that for weird, for starters? The “dating agency” people suggested that, for the date, they should each think of the worst argument they’d ever had with each other, and try to work out how they could have behaved better. All well and good, they get to the restaurant. One of then explains what pissed them off and why. The other responds with why they were pissed off. And before they know it, they’re having the same row over again! Classic!

But my eyes are telling me it’s time for bed 😢

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