I find myself getting more and more depressed about the world – dissatisfaction, mainly, as I discover more.

I’ve just heard about the loss of the challenge against the new runway at Heathrow. I’m sure a new runway would bring economic benefits, whether it is at Heathrow or anywhere else. I’m equally sure that there will be a cost associated with it, in terms of the environment, whether at Heathrow or anywhere else. The two priorities – economic and environmental – are in direct competition with each other. However you dress it up, sooner or later you come to one winner and one loser.

I suppose the people who support the economic arguments will say that we keep developing economically until we have to worry about the environment, and that hopefully, by that time, we’ll have learned ways to build our economy without harming the environment. My concern here is that the timescale during which we make the planet uninhabitable is sufficiently large, it is difficult to see how we are affecting things. So it’s not obvious, although it’s become more so these last few decades, but even now, “so what?” is an argument for inaction.

I suppose I get depressed about things because I think the moment when we have to say “now we really do need to clean up our act” has probably already been and gone. The saving grace is that I can probably defer disaster long enough to shuffle off this mortal coil, but I do worry for my child.

On a related note, I’m making a conscious effort to reduce, if not eliminate completely, my meat intake. I haven’t travelled on a plane in more than 10 years so my meat consumption is the next big thing. I suppose in the context of what I’ve just written, it is all a bit pointless, but at least my conscience is clear. But this is something we all need to decide for ourselves, so I’ll leave the protests to others.


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    Yay, it is Friday again, and Fandango has just published his Friday Flashback post. The idea is that he picks a post from this day in a previous year, to give newer readers a better insight into what does and doesn’t make him tick.

    I have always liked that idea, so shall also post my own reminiscence. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was, where I am now, and how far I have come. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining along the way.

    I must admit I had not prepared a flashback post for today, but when I saw Fandango’s post flash up, I went off scurrying and fortunately found on the very first page I looked, one from last year.

    We’ve all seen the benefits to the environment, even in just the short time since lockdown began. But only this morning, the TV nad somebody from Heathrow on, talking about getting all the flights going again, and to get back to the usual practise of not giving a monkey’s.


  2. Hey P, long time no see 😉 How’re things and how are you coping with this damn virus? Are you still going up and down your street for exercise?
    Wow, a year ago and what I want to know is – how’s the reduction in your meat intake? Did you manage that goal? What your next goal.

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    • Hiya Caz, yup I am okay. Some of the people I am speaking to are going stir crazy, but I am okay. Only child, see? used to it 😆 Not been out at all this week, except the garden, but I can go out if I wish. I don’t feel imprisoned like others seem to. How are you doing? Did you stay in Spain or did you get back to Ldn?

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      • Ah, good to hear from you P and glad you’re okay – not going stir crazy! Lol, only child 😉 Oh, I got back in plenty of time and hubby just made it through Spain and France before they shit the borders. I couldn’t bear to think he might have been over there, me on my own for all this time. I live on the 12th floor and if I went shopping, I wouldn’t be able to carry too much so he might have come home to my skeleton laid out on the sofa lol.
        Glad all’s good with you – stay safe and well x

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        • Oh, my food btw is still going strong. I have discovered that there are certain meat meals that I like, e.g. nachos w/mince, bacon sandwiches and pepperoni pizza, but I have them for a one-off meals and the rest of the time I am meat-free. I still eat fish, when I think it is sustainable. So, not totally veggie but significantly reduced, which was the main aim. Tofu and rice tonight, which was vegan!

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  3. It’s too bad that it boils down to the economy versus the environment. And now, a year after you posted this, in the age of COVID-19, it’s the economy versus health and even versus life or death.

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  4. Hoera for lesser meat intake! I think you can only do your own small thing. Vote with the pond, dollar, euro or whatever. When people don’t buy (use services) that’s the only language big companies and politics understand.
    Here I heard a lot of people saying: ‘after covid I’m going to bike or walk more’, ‘after covid we’re going to do more things together’, ‘after covid I still want to spend more time with family’. I’m eager to see how that will turn out.
    From Monday we have lesser restrictions here, so I’m very curious. I have a therapy appointment, so that means bus and the tram and I’m nervous already.

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    • Yes I will not go near public transport for a while, but you have done far better than us, we are still 5,000/day, give or take. Death rates are tumbling as, I suppose, everybody who needs it is now able to get treatment.

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      • It all depends on how the measurements will be followed and what the statistics will show us. When it’s not good, we go back a step.
        I have a mask at hand already as they are compulsory on public transport. If I didn’t had the appointment I would stay in.

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          • We have 5 masks for the both of us, we don’t plan to go outside much except groceries, dog-walking (eventually), doctor or therapy appointments. Maybe we can do the big move of all the furniture and that’s all for outside planning!
            I didn’t hear anything yet about flying, I guess everything is closed here. The borders still are, no holidays and so on.

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              • We’re told that we need to change masks after 4 hours of wearing them. So we have two for me and two for Pierre. They sell them in packets of 5, more than 1 euro for 1 mask!!
                The dogs name is Octavio now and his new name is Churro. I don’t know if he will listen at all, maybe after a long while ….

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                • Reuben was always Reuben to us, but we heard that my daughter decided to give him that name, and did not think to ask what his original name was. He still does not really answer to it, he has been with us 1 yr and was with her 6 mnths before that.

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