Spot the difference

Sorting some photos this evening, found this one from 2016:

Just to be clear, the pharmacy picked the wrong medication. And then checked it wrongly. The sticky label clearly says atenolol, while the box is different. Losartan.

Do I need to add that I complained (to the NHS) about this, and surprise, surprise, it wasn’t taken any further? Would it also surprise you to learn that I never used that pharmacy again? Next time, the first call will be to the lawyer.

But no big deal, right? We’re allowed to fuck up every now and then, even if it is somebody’s medication.


    • The pharmacy wanted me to give them back the incorrect med so they could issue the correct one. I refused, because by that time I considered they were potential evidence. I asked for a new prescription for the correct meds from the dr, and took it to a different pharmacy. At the time, my main concern was that it did not happen to anybody else, but the way it was brushed under the carpet made me think that the only way it would not happen to anybody else was by a hefty lawsuit. There you go, my flashback a day early 🙂.

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