Hypo alert

Gosh, I just had my first hypo for ages. Well, almost. It was coming up to lunchtime and when I got up to make it, I could feel the hypo starting to come on. I did myself a paella ready meal, which has the advantage that it microwaves in, like, 2 minutes flat.

But even as I was eating it, it kept falling off the fork, my hand was shaking.

I’m probably an hour later now and feel not just normal but well-fed. On top of the ready-meal I also had a bowl of no-adder-sugar-or-salt muesli.

In a way I’m glad I started having hypos again because it shows that I’m controlling my sugar down to normal-ish levels (in fact in this case to lower-than-normal levels). I’ll keep in my mind that I might need to reduce my insulin at some point.

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