My Tiny Beatles Connection

I might have mentioned it in one of my Bio entries, but I come from Liverpool, the same city as the Beatles. I don’t make a big thing of it – I left at 18, I’m 51 now, so most of my life has been spent away from there. Keen listeners can detect a faint Liverpool accent, but that’s about it. In truth, as a teenager in the Eighties, Liverpool was a very depressed place, lots of unemployment, and I couldn’t wait to start living life elsewhere.

As well as coming from Liverpool, I also like the Beatles. Again, nothing special in that, who didn’t? Many Liverpudlians feel that particular music is directed at them, personally. If anything, my main love of music is Bob Marley and reggae, which I still love to this day.

But getting back to the Beatles, there is a vague family connection. When she was a child, my mum lived at 18 Arnold Grove, a small cobbled street of terrace houses in the suburb of Wavertree.

Mum’s house (my grandma’s) was the last on the right. Harrison’s house was midway down the right. The roadway was cobbled until at least the mid-Eighties.

At the same time time, George Harrison lived at 12 Arnold Grove. This would have been during the Fifties, I guess, before the Harrisons moved to the new estate in Speke. My mum’s main memory was that Harrison’s mum hardly ever let him out to play! I later read that Harrison often used the pseudonym Arnold Grove in order to travel the world anonymously.

In later life, when I was around, my parents moved to the south-Liverpool suburb of Hunt’s Cross (so, if anything, this is more of my mum’s connection than mine) . This was near to Harrison’s “new” home in the new estate at Speke (though this was now the Eighties, Harrison was long gone), and also not far from another of his later homes in Mackets Lane, Halewood. It was also not far from Menlove Avenue (Lennon) or from Forthlin Road (McCartney). In fact, Forthlin Road was somewhere I had to walk past, in the days when students were able to claim unemployment benefit during the summer vacation. It was walkable to Strawberry Field and to St Peter’s Church in Woolton, where they all met. These places are all within a couple of miles of each other in south Liverpool. I walked past them all when I went back to Liverpool as a student – I walked everywhere when I went back to Liverpool as a student, I couldn’t afford any other transport.

I don’t pretend that these connections are in any way significant, they’re no stronger than anybody else from Liverpool. But certainly anybody growing up in Liverpool was taught that the Beatles were gods, so it is not surprising that I like their music. And George, especially.

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus do some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

8 thoughts on “My Tiny Beatles Connection”

  1. Reblogged this on Stroke Survivor and commented:

    Fandango posted earlier about how he is getting ready to move house, so his WordPress activity will be hit and miss for the next few months.

    I have always liked the idea of the Friday Flashback, so intend continuing to do so. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining too. I’ll continue to post under the Fandango’s Friday Flashback tag, just to stay consistent with my previous posts on the theme.

    My selected post this week is one from a year ago. It is something and nothing, but is one of the first times I talk about music. It seems innocuous, but it nevertheless represents an expansion away from my initial posts, which generally concerned my health. A year ago, I still used Blogger, and so Song Lyric Sunday, where people can experience my wonderful taste in music every week 🙄 , was but a twinkle in my eye.


  2. I learned a new word ‘Liverpodlians’? You’ve walked near the super famous Strawberry Fields and the other places? That is a cool story. I seems a bit like your mum followed George when she moved 😂
    I like the Beatles but mostly George and Ringo. Lennon is maybe a musical genius but I’ve never liked him that much and Paul himself plays a bit too much in favor of the big compagnies. He signed the article 13 pretty quickly, writing a statement that it is only fair that musicians and compagnies should be payed for their songs being played on the internet. In my opinion he wasn’t concerned for the evolution of music and in giving opportunities to new bands. And for that, I don’t like him anymore. Sorry for the small rant but The Beatles makes me think now more of money than a true revolution for music, what they once truly were.

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    1. Yep, a Liverpudlian == someone from Liverpool. Another word is a Scouser, which is probably a word known in the UK but not outside. I tried to avoid using that one just because the post is read by people all over. Scouse is a kind-of stew which was a popular, cheap meal up there. I would guess it is eaten less today when we’re more governed by what supermarkets stock and how much people are actually prepared to cook.
      I think Paul and John were at their peak in the Beatles, but the other two, especially George, grew a lot afterwards.

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      1. Funny to ‘name’ people after a popular dish, we have some names like that in Belgium too. Paul and John were also the most popular if I remember well from my aunt and mother 🙂 My aunt had the hot for Paul with his ‘beautiful face’ 😊

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          1. Maybe better than the Queen herself, the girls fainted! I guess the upcoming possibility of television had something to do with it too. And the electric guitars became popular or the perfection of …

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