It has been so long, I’d just assumed my PIP had been sorted and would continue as before. But I got a letter yesterday from the DWP saying they would no longer grant the mobility part of the benefit. I still get the main chunk but the mobility part is about 20%.

I hear of lots of appeals against PIP decisions, and I read that there is something like a 70% success rate. So the moral is that the DWP often get things wrong.

I’ve been busy these last couple of days, but will need to look at this tomorrow and maybe Thursday. First things first, their scoring system is out there in the public domain, so I can quite easily run through their assessment questions and see, foremost, whether I have any grounds to appeal. I suppose, after that, (assuming I do have grounds to appeal) I’ll need to contact someone to help me through the process.

All grief I can do without.


  1. When I looked at it, I think the kay point was “can you walk more than 20 yards”. It might have been 50, but, you know, some tiny amount. When I first left the hospital, I was only just out of a chair, so the answer was a resounding “no”. But over time I walked better. and quite regularly walked about half a mile by then. The DWP assumed that a couple of years downstream, my walking would have improved, so stopped that part of the benefit.
    I did not appeal, because purely on this aspect, they got the call right. I mean, there is a whole ‘nother question about whether these benefits are enough to meet the needs of disabled people, but just on the question could I/couldn’t I walk that far, they got the answer right.


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