It’s interesting – I wanted to leave the EU at our referendum, which was two years ago yesterday. My reasons (I’ve discussed this in previous posts) were – and still are – that I am represented unfairly within the EU organisation.

Even today, the issue will be guaranteed to split a room in half. I’m very interested, not really to know how people voted, but to know why they voted the way they did. It frustrates me a bit (inasmuch as I do get frustrated in any of this) that many remain arguments run along the lines, “don’t you realise how poor we’ll be?”. The one thing that people don’t get is that it was never about economics. People just don’t get it.

As it happens, I’m unconvinced either by arguments that I’ll be poorer, or by arguments that I’ll be richer, just because the future is as yet unwritten. I ran a company for almost 25 years, and the most security I ever had in all that time was my month’s notice, and I got by. I did very well, in fact. I don’t really pretend that I’m any more gifted than the next person, so I don’t see why anything is necessarily different for UK PLC.

Anyway, I was watching the news on C4 last night (which I think is by far the best UK-produced news programme, by the way) and there was a debate, specifically about immigration.

Now, I’m very free’n’easy about immigration. I like that we’re multicultural, I think I live in an enriched society as a result. But C4 had done a poll, which revealed that 60-odd percent of <> wanted to reduce immigration, even if it meant that jobs went unfilled. Just thinking about my local hospital, they had an emergency ward which could not open last winter for lack of staff, and yet people (according to the C4 poll) are happy with this. Even though British people might have suffered as a result.

So, just as many remainers “don’t get it” about my motivation for wanting Brexit, maybe on immigration, I don’t get it?

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  1. On reflection, I don't think their poll had any reference to Brexit, not least because the subject of non-EU migration came up in the debate. That said, I'm not sure who the sample was.


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