Snack Attack

So, an nice, uneventful day. Until, that is, I decided to go to the fridge to get something for my supper. I opened the fridge door, and all hell broke loose.

It looks like something in the door toppled onto another shelf (also in the door), and the next thing I knew, the contents of two shelves were all over the kitchen floor. Including what I think was fruit juice, tomato sauce (which fortunately stayed in its container) and a pot of cream (which didn’t).

So I’m basically standing there in tears, with cream all over my trousers and shoes, with the floor a mess and with my supper having become a distant prospect. I had already taken my evening insulin so, unless I ate a meal, I knew I’d have a hypo in the night…or worse.

Sure, I look back and analyse this, of course exactly the same thing could have happened to somebody able-bodied, although physically they would probably have found clearing it up less of an effort than I did. Certainly mentally they might have coped better.

In the end, my wife helped me clear it up, and prepared supper. The temperature alarm went off on the fridge and I was afraid that too was broken, although it seems to have cooled down again now. It’s funny, now that we all live in a connected world I can look at the old order confirmation for the fridge – which I think is dated 2005 – so really, we’re on borrowed time with that.

It’s funny – I do look at my blog these days and often I think that, pretty much, I’ve said all I can possibly say. But every now and again…..

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