Audible (15 Jan 2018)

The quality of my vision means that it is difficult for me now to pick up a book. Whereas I could once take in a line at a time, I now have to concentrate on individual words and letters, the pace is slower, and ultimately this reduction in fluency has left me disappointed.

I have tried Kindle, and this is an improvement.

However I am becoming a fan of my new audiobook subscription, which I’ve now had for a couple of months.

The subscription is with Audible, who are owned by Amazon. I don’t like Amazon much – they’re far too big and they don’t pay their fair share toward society – and so while I’ve known about Audible for a while, I have refrained. The type of books that I read (I never really bothered with fiction, instead preferring to read biographies of unknown authors who had experienced exceptional events) means that I would expect to run out of interesting material at some point, but at just a few months in, it hasn’t happened yet. I’m also interested in reading some classics to make myself better-read. Some of these I like, some I know I don’t like (for example I never got on with Dickens), but it would be usedul to know the plotline of Shakespeare’s plays, for example.

Anyway, to give a more solid idea of my tastes, here is what is currently in my “library”. Bear in mind, I have olny been at this a few months.

Books I have listened to so far:

  •  Cousin Bette (Balzac),
  • Adults in the Room (Yanis Varoufakis, the former Greek Finance Minister, this one about his encounters with the EU. it is well worth the “read”, but draw your own conclusions.)
  • Treasure Island
  • a lecture by journalist Robert Fisk – I don’t see this guy as particularly political, but he’s an expert on the Middle East and is very good at pointing out consequences of countries’ policies, not least the UK and USA. He understands a history that many of us in the UK have forgotten.
  • Talking to my Daughter – a Brief History of Capitalism (Varoufakis once again. I quite like this guy’s politics, although this book was more about economics. I was able to follow it but bear in mind that it was written with people like me as an audience. Doubtless the real world would be more complicated.)

Books I have bought, in preparation:

  • The Book Thief (the film came on TV, and I thought that the book is always better, so I stopped the film and bought the book instead)
  • The Infinite Monkey Cage (Brian Cox, the astrophysicist. This was my subject, all those years ago, still interests me now)
  • a Karen Carpenter bio
  • And the Weak suffer what they must? (Varoufakis)

But then you must know already from this blog that my tastes are……

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