All calmed down

So, the day after christmas. daughter was not with us, but nevertheless left several presents. So I spent the day (and today) wearing a naff christmas jumper (which surprisingly fitted perfectly), and was also given some whisky liqueurs. God knows why she chose whisky, as I’ve always preferred brandy, but good nontheless. There were six chocolates, and my wife clearly liked them because she scoffed three. I had a couple myself which left one for this morning.

Aside from that the treats were limited to a single mince pie. I had christmas dinner, of course, but held back on the roasties (which are really the only carb). And supper was just some turkey sandwiches (on my normal wholemeal bread). I think there’ll be lots of turkey over the next few days!

So, this morning, my fasting sugar was 13, which is pretty average, for me. I mean, if you’re healthy it’s not so good, but I think my pancreas is pretty buggered. So I was quite restrained, I think.

Normal insulin doses today, then. I really need to keep these doses as low as I can, for as long as I can, and indeed it was just porridge this morning (3 croissants yesterday), so I’m already getting back to normal. I still have one of those individual christmas puddings tucked away somewhere, but I’ll save that until I’m in the mood, or until the brandy sauce expires.

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