Fox Hunting

A lot of stuff lately about fox hunting. Apparently Theresa May said that she was personnally in favour, but I think it may have been highlighted by Labour supporters in an attempt to discredit her.

Now, let’s put to one side that if she says “personnally”, it probably means that it isn’t Tory party policy. And with these things, there are always two questions that you need to ask: (i) do I agree/disagree with something? and (ii) do I care enough to do anything about it? I’m sure that if I were contemplating power, there would be far more important things to worry about right now.

Also, we should also put to one side the fact that the ban is a popular law, apparently enjoying the backing a many voters.

But, of course, the very subject raises very emotive language on both sides. People in favour of the ban talk about “defenceless” animals. As a chicken-owner, foxes are far from defenceless – and we need to take anti-fox precautions every day to keep the chickens safe.

But equally, I heard a farmer the other day saying that since the ban, they’d had an increase in lambs taken, as the foxes get bolder. But does this mean that you need to dress up and get out on your horse with a pack of dogs? Is there not some way that foxes can be controlled, if control is necessary, without making the act of control a “sport”?

Storm in a teacup.

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