Laws of Average

Imagine you toss a coin. How much of the time would you expect it to show heads? Tails? About 50:50, right? How many times would you expect the coin to land on its side? Almost never?

Now imagine the situation with pills. Actually, you pop them out of the packet and it is surprising how often they land on their side. Especially when they’re on a surface that isn’t flat. They then proceed to roll away, sometimes right under the cushion or even under the sofa. Great fun!

Author: Mister Bump UK

Designed/developed IT systems in finance, but had a stroke in 2016, aged 48. Returned to developing mainly health-related software from home, plus some voluntary work. Married, with a grown-up, left-home daughter.

7 thoughts on “Laws of Average”

  1. Reblogged this on Stroke Survivor and commented:

    Yay, it is Friday again, and Fandango has just published his Friday Flashback post. The idea is that he picks a post from this day in a previous year, to give newer readers a better insight into what does and doesn’t make him tick.

    I have always liked that idea, so shall also post my own reminiscence. As much as anything, it reminds me of where I was, where I am now, and how far I have come. Hopefully, you will find it entertaining along the way.

    An amusing post this week. Amusing for you, I hope, as you imagine all my pills rolling away all over the bloody place! This is one from the early days, bemoaning the fact that pills are made round and not cubic, so the bastard things used to roll away from me and into inaccessible places, such as down the side of a cushion!

    This post was from 2017. All this time on, I don’t quite know what has changed, but it is just another one of those things which is not really an issue any more. I’m not sure that anything is materially different. Maybe my vision improved a bit so I’m less likely to place a pill somewhere it is likely to roll away? Maybe I’m a bit more mobile, so it is less of an issue if something does decide to roll away? Maybe by brain just got a bit better and realised that it is just not that big a deal any more? Take your pick.


  2. My pills do escape too sometimes. I have very round, small pills and some are lager in a more eclips shape. I don’t like to go and look for them but what can you do? I’ve become more handy with them and it’s also not an issue.
    I like the green in your blog, it’s very different now!

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    1. We should start a Campaign for Cubic Pills! Actually, did you know that the same med, the same dose, can vary in both shape and colour, depending on manufacturer? Now, that is mad.
      I am not sure I do like the green but I am stuck with it – I cannot go changing every 5 minutes.

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      1. Cubic pills may be harder to swallow. I know that they can vary and even quite a bit. As long as the pills work how they are supposed to I’m quite happy with them. But I like the name of the Campaign for Cubic Pills! 🙂
        And you can change the color every 5 minutes as long as you’re happy with it. Maybe it is a matter of getting used to it.

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