Happy Mother’s Day

In the UK, 22 March is Mother’s Day.

Making Light of the Situation

A friend of mine shared this one on Facebook.

It Gets Worse

It’s funny, because just after I posted that awful joke last night, my wife got all excited when I told her I was searching for cheap flights on the web.

Which is strange, because she’s never taken an interest in darts before!

Q. Which Spice Girl can carry the most petrol?

A. Geri can

Blast from the Past

Hahaha. I am having a relaxing Friday night, I turned the tv on and one of the channels has a Top of the Pops on from 1988. Top of the Pops was, you got it, the UK’s weekly show of chart music. It gradually lost popularity and finished, I think, in the mid-nineties, but in 1988 was still going strong.

Memories galore. Any of you remember these?

  • DJ Gary Davies doing the presenting, for a start! Whatever happened to him?
  • Pet Shop Boys – god they were so depressing! Always on my Mind.
  • Belinda Carlisle. Remember her? I had that one – on cassette. Heaven is a Place on Earth
  • Someone who thinks we’re alone now. Was that Tiffany?
  • Ooooooh, Kylie. Kylie is about my age, so that would have made her this raunchy 20-year-old (just as I was 🙂), lying in a bath covered with soap suds. Hadn’t that already been done? I was going to say gorgeous but all I can think of is hair. She should be so Lucky!
  • Whitney Houston, of course. Warble, warble, warble. One Moment in Time.
  • Enya. Actually she’s a decent Irish artist and I have listened to her since then. Orinoco Flow.
  • The mighty Aswad. Yes, this must have been 1988, this is imprinted on my brain.
  • A brilliant track that I haven’t heard for years. It had an excellent video, too. I have got to feature this in Song Lyric Sunday one day. Fairground Attraction, Perfect. But what is she wearing????
  • Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher. Passed me by, but #2 so obviously did pretty well.
  • Bros. When will I be famous? When will they be quiet?
  • Bobby McFerrin must have re-released Don’t Worry, Be Happy. Class!
  • Some anonymous boy band, which shall remain anonymous.
  • It is the bloody Pet Shop Boys again. It is just called Heart. That guy on the keyboard must be good, he’s playing it with one finger!
  • And lastly, Cliff, Miseltoe and Whine.

So that was 1988. Anybody wishing to go back to that time, be careful what you wish for!


I was looking thrugh some old Facebook posts…

Naughty Words

Chicken Talk, by Richie Kavanagh. Silly. Bit of fun.

One day I’ll post about our wonderful chickens.

Fact or fiction?

Wayne Rooney is in the news at the moment. Soccer star, former England international striker, most likely a millionaire a hundred times over. A story I once heard about him tickled me.

He’s being interviewed by some reporter, who is obviously in awe of his presence.

– Gosh, must be great being you. I bet you don’t even do your own shopping.
– Yes I do.

The reporter decides to test him.

– You do? How much does a pint of milk cost?
– 42p. I had to go out to the garage the other night to get some.

The reporter is aghast, as Rooney’s answer is about right. But they think that anybody who meets Rooney must be as star-struck as he was.

– Wow. What did the attendant say to you?
– That’ll be 42p, please.

Tickled me.

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