I went into a pet shop and asked for twelve bees.

The shopkeeper counted out thirteen bees, and handed them over.

“You’ve given me one too many”

“That one is a freebie”

Bin Outing

One of my Australian friends invited me to join a Facebook group called Bin Isolation Outing.

The thinking is that putting the trash out is the only chance they get to go outside, so they may as well get dressed up to do it. Are you feeling lucky?

Male or Female?

Whether this video is humourous or not will be dependent on my ability to post the correct Youtube link below!

This post is written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC), dependent.

Keeping Spirits Up

A friend shared this video to me via Facebook. I found it was absolutely hilarious. It is very UK-specific humour, but I know I have some UK readers.

It possibly needs an explanation to non-UK readers that we are very much not a firearm culture. Most of us have never even seen a gun, except in the hands of a policeman. So you have to take the video in this context.

I realise that in some places, this might be a little too close to reality to be funny. If it offends you, I apologise.

Happy Mother’s Day

In the UK, 22 March is Mother’s Day.

Making Light of the Situation

A friend of mine shared this one on Facebook.

It Gets Worse

It’s funny, because just after I posted that awful joke last night, my wife got all excited when I told her I was searching for cheap flights on the web.

Which is strange, because she’s never taken an interest in darts before!

Q. Which Spice Girl can carry the most petrol?

A. Geri can

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