Another Former Hobby

Traditionally, at New Year, I crack open some wine. I used to go over to France a lot and collected a lot of really good wines. I never drank them as quickly as I bought them, so I have several bottles of fine wine just sitting out in the garage.

Now, I’m even less likely to drink – almost every drink is just a really good way of putting sugar in your body. So wine only gets opened a few times per year.

I chose this one because I thought my wife might like it. She’s not a fan of reds, I find whites a little lightweight, so I picked a delicious 2002 rosé from the Chateau Grand Moulin in the Corbières region (Lézignan-Corbières). Over the years, we probably got to know France as well as the UK, but this area was always my favourite. It’s an area we kept going back to and we spent our honeymoon down there.

One of the reasons I like French wine in particular is that it holds so many memories of personal visits, and I picked this one up direct from the producer, in the very building shown in the photo.

The Corbières region is not known as one of the best regions, but this guy has won awards, and this wine was well worth the wait. If you’re ever looking for a good wine…