The Song That Got Away (5)

The Drafts folder is getting clearer, bit by bit.

I thought I’d share a twisty one today, though. It’s a song I always liked but figure that a suitable prompt will never come up which fits its title. What do you reckon?

This is one that has been covered many times, even Jim Adams’ favourite, The Grateful Dead, cut a version. And it has charted a few times, too. The version I first heard, though, was the Dixie Cups, in the 1987 film The Big Easy. I liked the soundtrack so much I bought the album. If you’ve never seen the film, it was set in New Orleans so it, and the soundtrack, has a very cajun feel to it. I liked it a lot, but it might feel quite dated now, I haven’t watched it for years.

I read that the Dixie Cups first released the song in 1965, and there were legal wrangles over who actually wrote the song. But anyways, it sounds good to me.

The Song that Got Away (4)

Yes I’m slowly but surely running down my Drafts folder! Every week, Jim Adams gives us a particular theme for Song Lyric Sunday. I consciously try to come up with a song where the title matches the theme. Nice and obvious.

But sometimes I can’t think of a good title, and either the album name or some lyrics become fair game. The other week we had a theme of promises, and this was my very first thought, because UB40 once released an album called Promises and Lies. So, it was just a case of picking a song I liked from this album.

I chose what I thought was a decent song which people might remember but in the end I went with another song, which I thought was far more meaningful. UB40 have had a string of hit records, Promises and Lies was a #1 album in the UK (#6 USA), and this song itself reached #8 in the UK (#45 on the Hot 100). Despite that, it didn’t make the cut for me that day, but it’s a decent track and I thought people might enjoy it today.

Hope nobody’s sick of reggae just yet!