As eight o’clock strikes, my tummy is rumbling,
“I’m ready for breakfast”, I hear myself grumbling,
Into the kitchen for something to eat,
I open the fridge and turn white as a sheet!

That milk’s very smelly, I think it is sour
No porridge this morning, my eyes start to scour.
That bread’s very green, that looks like mould,
Have a sneaking suspicion, that loaf is too old.

Into the freezer to look for a treat,
But treats are all gone, I ate them last week.
My mind in a quandry, my head starts to spin,
The house is plain empty, nothing within.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 26 August, 2020, nothing.

My Weekend Treat

Have a guess what came on tv yesterday?

As Good As It Gets – just a feelgood attraction,
No need for violence, no need for action,
No Need to escape from engulfing black hole,
Just a bunch of good parts
And some great interaction.

Happy Monday, folks.


Have you heard of our tasty new treat?
An irresistable mixture of sour and sweet.
The critics claim that the snack’s edibility,
Will defy the consumer’s credibility.

An ideal accompaniment to late night tv,
Just hits the right spot, your delight guaranteed,
First taste, and you’ll be disbelieving,
A perfect way to enjoy your evening.

for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 24 August, 2020, credibility.

Something for the Weekend?

My wife just came in and turned on the tv,
The Seventies Channel – she’s a devotee.
I have to admit, some is pretty good,
It takes me straight back to my childhood.

I can take Gary Numan, but not Elton John,
When I hear him come on, I’m glad those days are gone.
Silver Lady, David Soul, what happened to him?
Best known as Hutch, his main pseudonym.

Who’ll be on next, I can’t wait to hear,
Ah yes, I know that new song loud and clear,
My wife has just suddenly come alive,
Wouldn’t you know? It’s the Jackson Five!

Brilliant video, so Seventies!


Since lockdown began I have enjoyed getting involved in a daily word challenge. I already posted something today (here), but the word was design, so I had that idea bouncing around in my head. I’ve had a bit of time this afternoon and came up with this:

The audience gasped as the lights went down,
A new car from a stable of great renown,
This shiny new beast was unmasked to the few,
They’d nailed it this time, the company knew.

A thoroughbred stallion revealed to the throng,
With a five litre engine, it couldn’t go wrong
Would soon be a classic, with nary a glitch,
And a price-tag attracting the super rich.

When unveiled to the public, the car didn’t sell,
It burned too much fuel, said the firm’s clientele,
“Give us something electric, with zero emission
We must drive something cleaner, and break with tradition.

I Love ‘Em Really

We have two cats.

Despite us having a permanently-open window, plus a cat-flap, the boy comes into the lounge, where I am often working, and paws at the door for me to let him out. I invariably think, “he might be desparate for the toilet”, drop whatever I happen to be doing (which might often be working or writing) and let him out.

The girl likes to get in on the action. Rather than using the catflap, she will come into the porch, then sit and miaow for somebody to open the front door for her.

This morning, he wanted out. As soon as I opened the door for him, the wind blew the other door, to the kitchen, shut. Two seconds later, the other cat is howling at me, because she wants to get into the kitchen for some food.

Needless to say, I have no sympathy from my wife, who just says “well, if you’re stupid enough to get up in the first place…” It really is a dog’s cat’s life!

Anyway, totally unrelated:

The cat keeps me up on my toes,
I swear on my life that he knows
I’m just having a rest
He decides he will test
Please just leave me alone to compose.

I then open the door, let him out,
And the other door slams with a clout!
Then the other joins in,
Wants food from the kitchen,
How I love this impromptu workout

That’s a stock image by the way. Ours would never be so close.

On the Rocks

The rain, it is pissing,
The roof tiles are missing,
The ceiling is dripping,
Prevents me from kipping,
I give up on sleeping,
Time for some housekeeping,
Fed up with this mopping,
My spirits are dropping.

inspired by Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC) of 19 August, 2020, missing.

Stealth Tactics

The cat’s lying still on the back of the chair,
Watching over the garden, her own private lair.
Might be my ‘magination, but I just could have swore,
That from her direction, I just heard a snore!

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